About Us

Many patients are often unsure where to go for treatment and that integrative care is readily available and effective. The beauty of our approach is that our team of specialists will meet with you individually to help determine the appropriate treatment protocol specific for your needs and condition. At the Boca Clinic for Integrative Medicine, we believe each therapy is simply a tool to treat your condition both constitutionally (root) as well as symptomatically (branch).

The Boca Clinic for Integrative Medicine provides patients with long term relief by addressing the underlying issues and not simply masking the symptom. Our proprietary, whole body approach combines both Eastern and Western medical modalities founded on the principles of treating the “root vs. the branch” or the “core vs. the symptom”. While addressing patient’s complaint(s) or disorder(s), we offer symptomatic relief by isolating the root of the problem or core issue(s) to prevent or decrease the likelihood of the symptoms returning while also providing effective care for chronic conditions.

At the Boca Clinic for Integrative Medicine, we combine a multidisciplinary approach with an advanced rehabilitation center. Our rehabilitation center focuses on post-operative recovery, water therapy, balance and physical mobility issues by strengthening and healing both muscle and soft tissue. Our rehab center is an integral part of our approach to healing the body, by combining physical rehabilitation with nutrition, we are able to dramatically reduce recovery times.

Our state of the art facility is located in the Boca Clinic with 75 of south Florida’s premier physicians. Countless Florida doctors and doctors across the country recommend the Boca Clinic for Integrative Medicine when treating patients on the path to health and wellness.

For those seeking overall health and wellness, let our specialists concentrate on your body’s structural, metabolic and energetic deficiencies bringing patient and practitioner together in a dynamic partnership.